Destination: Smyrna

We have been home over a week now and are starting to figure out our new routine. We are still in disbelief each morning when he is actually here, but yet it seems so normal all at the same time.

Two weeks ago Monday, Mathieu’s US Visa was printed. Peyton and I booked our flights to arrive in Haiti on Thursday and come home on Saturday. Peyton and I were the only ones who could pick the visa up from the US Embassy. We did so on Thursday as soon as we landed in Haiti, of course, not without a few bumps. Security did not want to let us in the Embassy even though we had an appointment. (I printed the email on Wednesday before we left, so he tried to tell me our appointment was for Wednesday.) The credit card machine was not working to take our money for the visa. No worries. I told Peyton to make sure to bring cash in case that very thing happened. Well, they could not take our cash money either because there was a tiny tear in one of the $20 bills. (I received this money straight from a US bank before we left.) Then the credit card machine miraculously started working, Praise the Lord, and we paid and left.


We then headed over to the children’s home to get Mathieu. They were having a party for him.


We ate some good Haitian food, and they had him a cake that said Au Revoir “Good Bye”. It was so very nice. The kids were crying and some even stood and said a few nice things about Mathieu. Mathieu said he wanted to say something. He thanked the Pastors, the staff, and all the kids for loving him and taking care of him. It was so very sweet, and Peyton and I were just a mess. The ladies at the home were crying as well. We’re just really going to miss everyone so much. They have been Mathieu’s family for the last 8 years.

I had already sent a message for Mathieu to pack what he wanted to take. He had a great big bag ready. We told him only the things he really wants. He happily picked three things out of the bag and was ready to go.

We arrived at the hotel that evening and just relaxed. Is this really happening? We had everything but one “Exit Letter” from our attorney. She had it in her hand; she sent us a picture of it and was set to bring it to us at the hotel the next day.

The next day our attorney came with the Exit Letter, and we talked for a while. We know she was ready to be finished with our case, too. She describes herself as a Warrior, Fighter, Fixer, and Problem Solver. We are so glad that God made her that way and sent her to us. She said, “I knew it could happen. You just needed to have patience.” We are so forever grateful for her.


That was it. We had everything we needed to depart the next morning. Our hotel was across the street from the airport, so Mathieu was able to see the planes taking off. He was smiling and so ready. That night, I think he started getting giddy. He was walking around the pool pretending to jump in. We said go! He started to take his shoes off. Peyton said, do you think he’s going to do it? I said, oh no. Definitely not. Then he did it. He jumped in the pool with all his clothes on! It was hilarious.


Our travel home was flawless, and Mathieu looked as if he had flown many times. We landed in Miami and made it through immigration, and his first food in America was sushi. He wasn’t a huge fan, but he did like the spicy tuna taco. We landed in a very cold Nashville to lots of friends and family waiting to finally be able to welcome him home.

Mathieu just smiled the whole ride home from the airport. It was so surreal to all of us. Our sweet friends had placed Welcome Home signs in the yard and his room. We gave Mathieu a tour of our home, and he loved it all especially our dog Abby. He has been waiting so long to meet and play with Abby. He went out even in the cold to play with her.


We had pizza for dinner. Peyton introduced him to ranch dressing which he loved. He showered and went to bed. We were still so shocked that he was home. It was so weird seeing him walk around our house. We have longed for this for such a long time. Thank you God for your perfect plans.

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