All Glory to God

IMG_0478-2Friday we were able to get the blood work dropped off at the Embassy, but it was too late in the afternoon for them to review and print a visa. But…we got it today!!!!!!!!! We give all glory to God for His faithfulness. We are still in disbelief. Mathieu’s actually really coming home!

We will let everyone know of our travel plans as soon as we book our flights. We will most likely be arriving back home in the USA either Friday or Saturday evening. I’ve asked Mathieu multiple times if he wants everyone to come greet him at the airport in Nashville, and he always says yes! He wants everyone to come welcome him, bring signs, and lots of excitement.

We will come home from the airport just the 3 of us and spend time together as a family to bond and figure out what our new normal looks like. We know so many people are excited to meet Mathieu, and we are very excited for you to meet him as well. We will let everyone know when we are ready for visitors.

Thanks for all your prayers and support of getting Mathieu home. God is so very good.

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