Praying for Haiti

A week ago yesterday we received news that the US had approved Mathieu’s adoption, and we could progress into the final visa stage to bring him home. We have had several people ask what is going on now and when will we travel. The short answer is, we just don’t know.

Last Thursday a planned protest/demonstration began by the Haitian people. They are calling for their current president to step down. There are many reasons surrounding this protest, but to summarize the protesters, government corruption and high inflation. The protesters have threatened to continue each day until the president steps down. The demonstrations escalated over the weekend and are continuing even today. There are thousands of protesters in the streets, burning tires, burning barricades, looting, and violence. It is being named “Operation lock down Haiti.” Businesses have closed. Roads are blocked. The US Embassy closed and sent all non-essential employees back to the US.

Even through all the chaos, by the grace of God, we were able to have a successful visa interview. This means that everything looked good in our file and with Mathieu’s visa application. They are only waiting on his final medical results. Mathieu has been able to have most of his medical exam completed but not all of it, and unfortunately, the doctor offices and labs are not open. Even if they were open, it’s not safe for Mathieu to be out on the roads.

So, we wait. We are so close and can see the finish line, but we just can’t get there. We are doing everything we can on this side to push and be able to bring him home. We are also praying for Haiti. Praying for a resolution. For the Haitian people to have a voice and be cared for by their government. And maybe even pray for rain so the protesters go home.

Of course this isn’t the adoption ending we dreamed of or ever imagined would happen, but we trust God is still in control and even this is a part of His divine plan.

Please pray for Haiti.


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