Still Waiting

We are still waiting for USCIS (US immigration) to approve Mathieu’s file so that he can come to the United States. During this wait, Mathieu’s room remodel was completed, and we love it! It is perfect.


There were a few things that were really important to us to incorporate into his new room. Some Haitian art that we bought in Haiti last year that looks really lovely.


We also really wanted the Creole phrase Bondye Fidel in his room which means God is Faithful because He is!


Mathieu’s room is amazing, and we are so thankful to @bloomfamilydesigns and @shopsolsisters who donated their time, talents, ideas, artwork, and materials to put this very special room together for a very special boy. You should all follow them on Instagram and show some love to a great ministry for foster and adopted children and their families.

While we were cleaning out Mathieu’s room in preparation for the remodel, I found this note tucked away in his nightstand written by a dear friend of ours that I never knew was there. It read…


I thanked God for bringing you home today in your room. You’re not here at this point, but Jesus is faithful to keep His promises and for that I know you will read this very soon.


Almost 5 years ago when we were already 3 years into the process he wrote this letter to Mathieu. Jesus is faithful to keep His promises. We have been confident that Mathieu was coming home in December of this year. We had hoped that he would be here for Christmas, but December isn’t over yet. Mathieu has asked us when he is coming to the United States, and our answer to him is to pray. We have great anticipation of what God can do. There is no earthly way that Mathieu will come home before 2019. There is still so much approval and paperwork that has to happen, and oh, our government is on the brink of shutting down, but God. He is in control of everything, and we believe He can do anything. We pray that He provides another Christmas miracle and brings Mathieu home next week. We are praying for that and hope that you will pray with us.

Merry Christmas!

One response to “Still Waiting

  1. BUT GOD! So simple and so powerful! His timing is ALWAYS perfect and nothing surprises Him. Thank God for your faithfulness and your role in Mathieu’s life as his loving parents, no matter the distance between you. Praying for your family! ❤

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