While We Wait

Our file was dropped at the US Embassy, and less than two weeks later we heard from them, which was great because they said it could take up to six weeks to review our file. But…they wanted more documentation. We have been working on this for the last three weeks and are almost finished. We hope to turn it in to the Embassy next week. Prayers are appreciated for the Embassy to quickly review and approve the documents. We are still feeling confident Mathieu is coming home in December.

But God has been blowing our mind with His blessings lately. There is a design company, Bloom Family Designs, who designs bedrooms for foster and adopted children. A sweet friend of ours nominated us, and they are going to do Mathieu’s room. We set a room up for him back in 2011 but with a 4 year old in mind. They are going to give him a proper room fit for a pre-teen! We are so excited to see the finished product. You should go check them out on instagram and support their cause or nominate someone you know. @bloomfamilydesigns

This is Mathieu’s room from 2011.


Demo Time!

Finished product coming soon.

One response to “While We Wait

  1. Happy wonderful news!

    We are all waiting to give thankful prayers and to celebrate when Matthieu comes home soon.

    And what a wonderful special gift he will find soon – a bedroom all his own, designed just for


    Warmest greetings and all good wishes to Elizabeth and Peyton.


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