A New Name

We got the most wonderful news on Thursday morning that we were finished with Parquet Court, and Mathieu’s last name is now Bullen! The adoption is complete! What? Praise the Lord!!!!! I can’t believe this day has finally come.

Our file has already been dropped off at the Haitian immigration services/MOI (Ministry of Interior). They will approve our file and issue him a Haitian passport. Then our file goes to the US Embassy for approval. We aren’t sure how long how this will take, but we should be notified as we complete each step.

Mathieu is pretty excited about his new name and asked if we were coming in December. He remembers from February that we said we would be back in December to get him. Please pray that these last steps move swiftly and we can indeed get him in December (or before!)6b230360-a94e-4b03-a69c-2e801f36cd88


One response to “A New Name

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for sending this heartwarming message, so long prayed for,

    so long awaited. I am thrilled for the three of you.

    I hope the rest of the steps you described happen quickly for all the

    wonderful reasons, including that Mathieu cab begin his time with you

    in warmer weather – but I know that’s a bonus!

    I have American Airlines miles waiting, and they have the name BULLEN

    on them. Hopefully you remember the procedure better than I do,

    because I never really understood it! If I remember correctly you research

    the flights you want and email me all the necessary information. I then

    “buy” the tickets on my end. Again, I think that was the system that worked

    well, but you know best. I do remember that one saves miles by going

    some very time-consuming route with awful hours and multiple stops.

    Please please don’t opt for choices like that in any direction. In fact, if they have

    those “extra comfort” economy class seats available, the ones that cost some-

    thing like $30 or $40 extra each, I’d love the three of you to have those, especially

    for the trip home! I wish it could be first class seats both ways, but I’m trying to be

    realistic here J.

    I still smile when I think of meeting you at the Country Music Marathon Expo.

    It was meant to happen, and I am grateful for the privilege.

    Congratulations and baskets full of good wishes.


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