Au Revoir IBESR

Good bye, IBESR. It was nice knowing you and hanging out for the last 7+ years, but we are leaving. We received our adoption authorization letter/exit letter on Thursday!!!! We are praising God that no matter what evil the enemy has planned, God means it for good, and His plans cannot be thwarted. We are also jumping for joy with such excitement and disbelief. This is perfect timing right before Mother’s Day.

What’s next?  Our file will be dropped at Parquet Court on Monday. Mathieu’s dad will come sign there one more time, and then our file will be legalized. At that point, the adoption is FINAL, and we will go through the immigration process for both Haiti and the US. It all sounds so simple, but please pray for everything to go smoothly with these steps.

For everyone who volunteered to buy a pair of shoes for the kids, THANK YOU! We have all the kids covered. It looks like we will maybe be heading down this fall, so we will take the shoes with us then.

Hopefully, more good news coming soon!

One response to “Au Revoir IBESR

  1. Dear Elizabeth and Peyton,

    What happy, wonderful news! I am thrilled for the three of you.

    There are tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.

    I have miles for you for at least one round trip ticket J and maybe

    even two by the time you are ready to go.

    Happy Mother’s Day, and Blessings and Prayers.


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