9 To Go

There were 13 children who God placed in our path at the beginning of our adoption of Mathieu.  We have grown to know their adoptive families and honestly couldn’t have gotten this far without them.  I feel like we are a team, and I am so happy to announce that 2 more of Mathieu’s friends came home a few weeks ago.  That leaves 9 children still waiting to come home.  Some other families have really made lots of progress, and we are so happy for them.  We pray for them and pray that we have some good news to share soon, too.

Here are sweet Ruth and Nahomie in their Red, White, and Blue!!!!


We don’t really have anything to update on our process.  Unfortunately, we have no great news, but really, we have no news at all.  All of our US paperwork with fingerprints are reaching expiration AGAIN.  I have sent an email to the Department of Homeland Security asking for an appointment to update our fingerprints before they expire, but we haven’t heard back from that.  I have no idea if everything going on with the government will slow any of their response down.  We are trying to get information from our attorney, but we haven’t heard anything on that either.  We really have no reason to believe this is ever going to happen, but God.  God told us to do this, and we are confident that He will complete it.  This doesn’t mean that everyday is easy.  We pray (and ask for your prayers) that God will give us Faith each day.  That He will give us encouragement and strength to keep fighting and pushing.  We are trying to wait patiently on Him.  It has become easy for us to totally disengage from the whole process completely.  Maybe it’s to shield our heart from the pain of Mathieu still not being here or maybe because we’re exhausted from all the paperwork, the runaround, the disappointments, and the lies.  It’s so easy for us to look at other’s adoption journey and say, “Oh yes, God is going to bring their child home.”  But somehow we let the enemy convince us that our process is different.  Maybe God really did forget about us.  Or maybe God never wanted this for us all along.  It is a constant struggle to have Faith that God is going to bring him home.  But 2 Timothy 2:13 says, “if we are faithless, he will remain faithful, for he cannot disown himself.”  We do believe His Word so we cannot wait until the day we can give great news!

Mathieu did have a minor accident a few weeks back.  He was jumping in to one of the cribs, and the bottom fell out.  He hit his face to the floor and knocked out his front two teeth.  We couldn’t remember if he had already lost those or not so at first we thought they were his permanent teeth.  Yikes!  But they were baby teeth, thankfully!


Here is his toothless smile!Image    

2 responses to “9 To Go

  1. Well I know that news does help. The delay and frustration with Mathieu has to be wearing on you but keep the faith and I am sure God will bless you. And I can honestly say I can see that you and Peyton have already been blessed by your faith in God. Love you both Daddy

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