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There’s not much adoption progress to update, but God has been working like crazy in our life introducing us to wonderful people. The small things are just so amazing to me. First of all, we were introduced to Payton and Heather Junkin through Jon, the gentleman who took our Dossier to Haiti. They are adopting a one year old boy who is also living with Mathieu in the Children’s Home. So for those who don’t know, my best friend since kindergarten is named Heather and of course Peyton is my husband. It was really cool to meet a couple with so much in common right off the bat. We are so excited and honored to be going through this process with them. Welcome to this crazy journey!

Peyton and I lead a small group at our church. We have 7 couples who get together every 2 weeks and talk about God, learn from each other, and “do life together”. One of the newest couples is Haitian! We are so excited to have Carl and Flore (and their children) in our life. Their daughter is 8 months, and their son is 7 so I’m sure he and Mathieu will be good buddies! They are going to help us with any translation needs we have when Mathieu gets here. We also eat lunch together a lot during small group so we are excited to try Flore’s favorite Haitian dishes.

A couple of weekends ago we had a yard sale to really clean our house out of mix-matched furniture, etc. Our yard sale did really well so we were really happy about that, but there was a big surprise we had. We were trying to sell office furniture (2 desks and a printer stand). We had lots of people comment during the yard sale about how nice they were and at a great price, but no one bought them. We were surprised. We decided to post on Craigslist after the yard sale. We received NO inquiries… until the next Friday. Her name was Renee. She wanted the desks and printer stand. She wanted to come the next day to pick them up. Renee and Victor came over with their little guy who is almost 2. He has the same birthday as my niece AND they have a dog named Noah- which is my nephew’s name. As we were loading the desks in the truck we were talking and realized they are in the process of adopting, too! They started the process in February as well, and they are waiting to be matched with a child(ren). And one more thing, Victor is originally from Louisiana. His dad speaks Creole! I am so serious and could never make this up. No wonder we didn’t sell those desks at the yard sale. Victor also told us his dad would help with translating. We can’t wait to get to know them better and join their adoption journey!

Mathieu lost his first tooth a couple of weeks ago and then started Kindergarten the next week. So he’s been a busy little boy. He’s been taking great care of all the babies and little boys and girls in the Children’s Home. His best friends Kiki and Love went back to live with their family so I’m sure Mathieu is adjusting once again to new faces! His birthday is coming up in less than 2 weeks. We are trying to get some things together to send down to him. We want his birthday to be so happy!

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  1. Hello! I googled Haiti adoption blogs and found you. We are in the final process of our adoption from Haiti. It was final in Haiti on 9/14/11. We are waiting on the approval of our I600 on the US side. They said it takes approximately 60-75 days. We are on day 43. I would love to get in touch and find out any additional information you may have. My email address is Thank you,Jennifer

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